Hi, I’m Jaroslav Kocourek, a freelance multidisciplinary designer currently based in the Czech Republic. Welcome to my small creative studio with a big vision!

The studio’s name is inspired by Maori culture and its profound understanding of the connection between humans, the land, and the natural world. In Maori, “te wao” translates to “the forest.” The forest is a place where I consistently find inspiration, tranquility, and a sense of being at home.

With over 12 years of experience in the field, I have had the honor of contributing to a diverse array of projects. I specialize in generating innovative ideas, creating illustrations, developing brands, crafting graphic materials, producing animations, and designing products.

Areas of expertise:

2D/3D graphic design, product design, animation, VR/AR


Adobe package, CorelDRAW, Blender, ZBrush, Solidworks, World Creator, Unreal Engine

Personal interests:

Traveling, Hiking, Coffee, Art, Cycling, Badminton, Yoga

Some of my clients include:

AMC Studios, Tesla Union – Technologies a.s., Anaj Czech a.s., Berny Pictures a.s., Luitte SE, Carun Pharmacy s.r.o., Angry Beards s.r.o., URC Systems s r.o., TAKTIK International s.r.o., Leemon Concept s.r.o., Kamil Mrva Architects s.r.o., ALL IN AGENCY s r.o., Rosier s.r.o., Ambition s.r.o., GREG BERRY s.r.o., Ekostyren s.r.o., Jelínek & syn Profikoření, s.r.o., Helsinkigroup s.r.o., SDZP družstvo, Reba international . s r.o., Kovo Haken s.r.o., Ellinterier s.r.o.